should Pickle Barrel be added to the boycot list?

by admin on March 24, 2011

We went to the Yonge and Eglinton Pickle Barrel on Saturday and ordered our food, which came promptly enough. But then the nightmare began. A few minutes after Greg started eating, he shifted some vegetables on his plate and there was a receipt under his food! We told the waiter and he brought out another dish. This time they got his order wrong.

We were in a rush by this point and Greg said never mind, he would eat what was brought and we asked for the bill. So much for customer service, they didn’t even offer us a discount or anything! Everyone makes mistakes but you should own up to them. The waiter should have totally made Greg’s meal on the house or at least given us a discount. At least I would have appreciated that he understood that this is not the proper restaurant experience. When you go to a restaurant (yes, even a chain like Pickle Barrel) you pay money to be served the food that you ordered the way you ordered it without any extra fiber (receipts) in it. Duh.

We ended up having to ask for the manager ourselves. The manager had an attitude and when we told him what happened was like “well this is the first I’m hearing of this sir” as if he has nothing to do with it. In my opinion a manager is responsible for what goes on in a restaurant, whether he heard about an issue or not. After we said that we expected something to be done about the problem in the bill the manager only gave us 15% off. That didn’t even cover half of Greg’s meal! In retrospect based on the manager’s behaviour I can see why the Pickle Barrel customer service was so bad. These things come from top down. If the manager doesn’t give a shit, waiters definitely won’t (or they might, on their first day until they realize that they have to stop caring or they won’t last till the end of their shift).

On top of it all, we were sitting by the kitchen and there was a waiter who brought back a salad to be redressed because the customer wanted more dressing and another waitress was like “oh its ok, make him another, I’ll take this one” and she took it to her table! I was shocked. How do they know the person who sent it back didn’t eat some of it? Presumably, they would have eaten some salad and realized that there wasn’t enough dressing. Clearly the waiters didn’t think it through, but I would expect it to be standard practice from both a customer service and hygienic point of view not to re-serve food to unsuspecting diners that was already rejected and sent back to the kitchen by someone else.

I used to really like the Yonge and Eglinton Pickle Barrel, but this experience was unacceptable by any standards. And the manager’s unapologetic attitude speaks volumes on why the staff are as careless as they are.

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